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"Ioana was my professor during my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at Algonquin College. She was a very passionate and engaged educator who showed deep care for her students' success. Ioana was more than willing to sit with me outside of office hours to help guide my academic career. She provided valuable insights that continue to facilitate my research, my learning, and my overall success as a student. I would recommend Ioana as a mentor and an educator, as her passion for teaching makes her a great resource to have on your side!"

Brooke Z.


In my academic career, I have taught courses in perspective, technical drawing, composition and design. They often complemented my courses in art and architectural history and research methods. These are some examples of student work.

1st year - Conceptual Model

Build a structure from paper strips and draw it in perspective.


1st year - Albrecht Durer's Alphabet

Each student was assigned one letter to make orthographic drawings and a model of.


1st year - Stage Model

Design and build a model for the one-act play "The Work Play" by Gordon Pengilly.

Setting instructions: "A large space in the upper story of a seemingly abandoned warehouse".

Students proposed a wide variety of concepts, ranging from metaphorical to absurd to practical.

stage design 3.jpg
stage design 6-2.jpg
stage design 5.jpg
stage design 7-1.jpg
stage design 2.jpg
stage design 4.jpg

1st year - Drawing of Parts

One of M.C. Escher's drawings was divided into 42 equal pieces - students received one piece each without any knowledge of the source. They had to scale up the 3" x 4" piece while faithfully reproducing the lines and shades in pencil. The resulting ensemble was approximately 6' x 6'. 


2nd year - Rendering Exercise

Each student chose a different rendering technique to give shades and shadows to a provided perspective drawing.


2nd year - Sketching

Weekly sketching exercises of buildings, interiors, compositions.

building 4-1.jpg
building 9.JPG
building 5.jpg
dining 4.jpg
composition 5.jpg
object 4.jpg
object chair 2-1.jpg
composition 1.jpg

2nd year - Tile Design

Watercolour exercise to transform a natural form into an abstract design in 5 steps.

tile design 4-1.jpg
tile design 2-1.jpg
tile design 3-1.jpg

2nd year - One-day Charette

Design a small travel agency. Prepare scaled floor and ceiling plans and interior perspective.

small travel agency.jpg

2nd year - Residential Studio

Refurbish a postwar house into a refugee centre: scaled plans, model, interior sketches, samples selection.

year 2 - residential project.jpg

3rd year - Sample Boards for Law Offices

Select materials, furniture, lighting fixtures and prepare presentation boards for prospective clients.

sample board 4_Page_2.jpg
sample board 4_Page_1.jpg
sample board 4_Page_3.jpg

3rd year - Cubicle design

Scaled axonometric views / perspectives and model of an office cubicle.


3rd year - Office Furniture Study

Build a half-size model of an office reception desk.

half-size reception desk 1-1.jpg
half-size reception desk 1-2.jpg
half-size reception desk 1-3.jpg

3rd year - Three-day Charette for IDEC Student Competition

IDEC 1.jpg
IDEC 2.jpg
IDEC 3.jpg
IDEC 4.jpg

4th year - Paedriatic Hospital Rehabilitation

paediatric rehabilitation hospital 1.jpg
paediatric rehabilitation hospital 2.jpg

4th year - Final Project (student supervisor)

Annual Student Forum for Applied Research : Presentation Posters

Applied Research 2015-02-03 bridget post
Applied Research Forrest.Audrey.Poster.j
Applied Research Lauren
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