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Basics of Perspective Drawing

February 8 - April 18 

(no session on March 14)

Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30

Location: Meeting room @ Emerald Plaza public library

1547 Merivale Road

[Session on March 7 @ National Gallery of Canada]


[Session on April 18 @ Museum of History in Hull]

The 2-hour sessions will be a combination of teaching and hands-on exercises to grasp the basic elements for perspective sketching:


line construction;

geometry of objects, streets, buildings;

one-point and two-point perspective rules;

colour in sketching (pencils and watercolours);

how to draw materials and plants;


Materials required:

pencil, eraser, ruler, tape, sketchbook (9" x 12" or bigger)

colored pencils, watercolour set (will discuss during 1st session)

Price: $300 (paid by e-transfer)

Registration closed

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