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Customer Satisfaction is My #1 Goal

We've just had our parent-teacher interview and my daughter's teacher told me she is at the highest level in Math, among the top in her class. At the last two tests, she got 96% and 100%! So yay to her and thanks to you and we should definitely keep the momentum going!

Asha G.

Ioana has been teaching my daughter since March break and her final marks of Grade 10 Academic Math improved significantly since. My daughter came a long way from where she was at the beginning of the journey. Ioana played a vital role to instill the confidence in her and change her perception around problem solving in general. Ms. Ioana built a wonderful rapport with my daughter - she knows how to find the student's weaknesses, subsequently tailor the lesson plan and engage them in a creative fashion. 

Mohammad S.

Ioana is an outstanding tutor.

With her expertise, professionalism, flexibility to explain in different ways and kindness, our daughter has grown in confidence and knowledge in math. We highly recommend her to anyone.

Hazel C.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Ioana was my professor during my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at Algonquin College. She was a very passionate and engaged educator who showed deep care for her students' success. Ioana was more than willing to sit with me outside of office hours to help guide my academic career. She provided valuable insights that continue to facilitate my research, my learning, and my overall success as a student. I would recommend Ioana as a mentor and an educator, as her passion for teaching makes her a great resource to have on your side!

Brooke Z.

My daughter Mandalyn started working with Ioana when she was attending public school in grade 3. She was coming home with math test results that showed she had missed concepts completely. 

Ioana employs smart tutoring tools and direct personalized teaching which enabled Mandalyn to quickly engage with Ioana and discover the mathematical foundational areas that needed to be mastered. 

Ioana has a deep love for teaching math which flows into the relationship she develops with her student. Within 3 months working with Mandalyn, math test results at public school were into the 90% - 100% scores but more importantly, Mandalyn's confidence in her problem-solving and attitude towards math had completely turned around. 

Ioana is a teacher who doesn't accept excuses from her students. Instead she helps them understand that sometimes math IS hard, and with practice, hard things become easy. This is a core lesson for all kids to master. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ioana to any parent who knows that excellence in math comes with practice, discipline and patience. The result is a more confident child and improved attitude towards learning.

Katy S.

I used to be very fearful of math because I didn't not understand a lot of concepts or how to use them. Ms. Ioana was patient and explained them very well. Her lessons are organized and she is both kind and strict - believe me, you'll be happy to stick to the routine of doing your homework! Math gave me lots of confidence, just like she said it would! 

Kyle S.

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