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Customer Satisfaction is My #1 Goal

Meeting Ioana from Triangle School was a God send! In just a few months of working with my daughter, Ioana managed to teach her basic concepts that were missed in previous years, thereby establishing a solid foundation for more advanced ones. Ioana filled the gaps created by the school’s rushed teaching methods, and this contributed to increased self-esteem and confidence for my daughter, who before was unable to understand the more complicated concepts. What I also appreciate immensely is the fact that Ioana managed to establish a wonderful relationship with my daughter, based on trust and kindness - this is so important, for the learning to occur! In her kind and fun manner, Ioana is also teaching her students other life lessons: having a positive outlook on life, believing in yourself, that hard work pays off, and the importance of a “can-do” attitude. Learning Math can be fun with the right teacher, and we are so happy with this fit. Thank you!

Mihaela C.

We've just had our parent-teacher interview and my daughter's teacher told me she is at the highest level in Math, among the top in her class. At the last two tests, she got 96% and 100%! So yay to her and thanks to you and we should definitely keep the momentum going!

Asha G.

Ioana has been teaching my daughter since March break and her final marks of Grade 10 Academic Math improved significantly since. My daughter came a long way from where she was at the beginning of the journey. Ioana played a vital role to instill the confidence in her and change her perception around problem solving in general. Ms. Ioana built a wonderful rapport with my daughter - she knows how to find the student's weaknesses, subsequently tailor the lesson plan and engage them in a creative fashion. 

Mohammad S.

Ioana is an outstanding tutor.

With her expertise, professionalism, flexibility to explain in different ways and kindness, our daughter has grown in confidence and knowledge in math. We highly recommend her to anyone.

Hazel C.

Testimonials: Testimonials

My daughter Mandalyn started working with Ioana when she was attending public school in grade 3. She was coming home with math test results that showed she had missed concepts completely. Ioana employs smart tutoring tools and direct personalized teaching which enabled Mandalyn to quickly engage with Ioana and discover the mathematical foundational areas that needed to be mastered. Ioana has a deep love for teaching math which flows into the relationship she develops with her student. Within 3 months working with Mandalyn, math test results at public school were into the 90% - 100% scores but more importantly, Mandalyn's confidence in her problem-solving and attitude towards math had completely turned around.  Ioana is a teacher who doesn't accept excuses from her students. Instead she helps them understand that sometimes math IS hard, and with practice, hard things become easy. This is a core lesson for all kids to master. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ioana to any parent who knows that excellence in math comes with practice, discipline and patience. The result is a more confident child and improved attitude towards learning.

Katy S.

I was in grade 7 when I started taking lessons with Ms. Ioana. I quickly realized there were many gaps in my math knowledge which needed filling. Ms. Ioana helped me with the new concepts I was learning at school and, at the same time, addressed the basic skills which I was unsure of. The homework she assigned helped with the overall understanding and use of all concepts. Ms. Ioana is a teacher who wants to see her students succeed and I liked her style.

Anamaria L.

Ioana was my professor during my Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at Algonquin College. She was a very passionate and engaged educator who showed deep care for her students' success. Ioana was more than willing to sit with me outside of office hours to help guide my academic career. She provided valuable insights that continue to facilitate my research, my learning, and my overall success as a student. I would recommend Ioana as a mentor and an educator, as her passion for teaching makes her a great resource to have on your side!

Brooke Z.

Ioana is an amazing tutor. Her patience and kindness helped my daughter to increase her confidence and overcome the “fear of math”. In her teaching she was using a variety of methods and strategies which helped my daughter improve her thinking and math skills. Ioana taught my daughter new math concepts but also she helped her learn and understand some of the basic concepts that were not taught in school in previous years. I recommend Ioana to anyone!

Dana P.

Ioana's dedication to her students is truly commendable. From the very first session, it was evident that she had a unique ability to connect with my son, making him feel at ease and motivated to learn. Her patient demeanor and kind approach create a nurturing environment where my son feels comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification without hesitation. No matter the challenge, Ioana remains composed and encouraging, guiding him through each step until he gains a thorough understanding. One of the most remarkable aspects of Ioana's tutoring is her emphasis on discipline and self organizations. She instills a strong work ethic in her students, teaching them the value of consistency and dedication. Through her guidance, my son has learned the importance of setting goals and staying committed to achieving them, not only in math but in all aspects of life. This newfound discipline has had a positive impact on his academic performance and personal growth. Ioana's teaching approach is truly exemplary. She imparts math concepts in a logical and intuitive manner, demystifying complex problems and transforming them into manageable challenges. Her ability to break down difficult concepts into digestible pieces has been instrumental in my son's progress. Moreover, she encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering him to approach math with confidence and enthusiasm. Beyond her exceptional teaching abilities, Ioana's organizational skills are nothing short of impressive. Each tutoring session is meticulously planned, tailored to my son's individual needs, and learning pace. This level of organization ensures that every minute of the session is maximized for optimal learning. Moreover, she keeps detailed records of his progress, allowing us as parents to track his development and celebrate his achievements. Thanks to Ioana's guidance and expertise, my son's math skills have flourished, and he has achieved levels of excellence he once thought were beyond his reach. Her commitment to bringing out the best in her students is truly inspiring, and we are grateful for the positive impact she has had on our son's academic journey. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Ioana as a math tutor. Her patience, discipline-oriented approach, logical teaching style, organizational prowess, and pedagogic skills make her an exceptional educator.

Daniela P.

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